Symphony of Grace

“Now for something completely different.”  – Monty Python

Sing for me, O broken heart, that symphony of grace.

Sweet melodies of memories of their presence and their face.

Longings unfulfilled, the lyrics I want to share,

Echo loud vibrations that they’re no longer there.

Death has a way of changing things in ways quite unseen.

It changes ordinary memories into a concert fit for a queen.

It twists the loving past into discordant cords of sorrow

Yet we cling to them even more than we look for the tomorrow.

This is the song I want to sing, the refrain I want to share,

This was the opus of loved ones gone, that whisper in the air.

Death cannot take this song from me that I have left to cherish,

I will sing my song of love for them until the day I perish.

Someday the one who conquered sin, will return to conquer death.

He wrote the song of love when he gave his own life’s breath.

So, sing for me, O broken heart, that symphony of grace

Until the song is finally sung and I have finished the race.


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